About Jeffrey Zaslow:

“You want heart, you go to Jeff Zaslow…Books like Zaslow’s reflect our hopes for the world we want to live in.” — The Washington Post

About HIGHEST DUTY by Jeffrey Zaslow:
Update: HIGHEST DUTY has been adapted into a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE, SULLY, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks!

About THE LAST LECTURE by Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow:

“Randy Pausch’s last lecture made him a Lou-Gehrig-like symbol of the beauty and briefness of life.” — The New York Times

“Living-life-to-the-fullest books can get maudlin, but Pausch’s shimmering volume is as bracingly pragmatic as it is inspiring…The professor is so funny and earnest that you’d let him teach you anything.” — PEOPLE magazine

“A final gift to his students inspired over 25 million people.”  — Book of the Month Club

“The lessons were meant as ‘a message in a  bottle’ for Randy’s kids. But millions of us now feel part of his extended family.” — Katie Couric in TIME magazine

About THE GIRLS FROM AMES by Jeffrey Zaslow:

“Richly detailed and undeniably familiar, as if someone narrated your own life story back to you.” — MORE magazine

“An empowering and uplifting nod to the importance of long-lasting female friendship.” — Woman’s Day

“A brilliantly conceived, unusually composed book.” — The Dallas Morning News

“If you’re a woman reading The Girls from Ames, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry, but mostly you’ll relate.” — The Orlando Sentinel

“Offers universal insights on growing up and meeting the sobering challenges faced by grown-ups…compelling and beautifully written…destined to become a classic.” — The Huffington Post

About HIGHEST DUTY by  Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger with Jeffrey Zaslow:

“Sullenberger’s all-American life story is so compelling that it screams to be required reading for all young people, or anybody else who needs confirmation that courage, dignity, and extraordinary competence can still be found in this land…a remarkable life story.” — The Washington Times

“A gripping, genuinely heartwarming account..a Capra-esque ode to American competence and decency.” — The New York Daily News

“Zaslow’s contributions should not be overlooked; as with Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture, he invisibly assists Sullenberger in going beyond the moment that sparks readers’ interest. The result is as dramatic as it is inspirational.” — Publishers Weekly

“Enthralls readers with its exultant plotline of disaster averted.” — Booklist

“Valuable for anyone interested in how a life lived with integrity prepares a man for the ultimate challenge.” — Kirkus Review

About GABBY: A Story of Courage and Hope by Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly with Jeffrey Zaslow:

“[The book] does not dwell on that terrible day in a grocery store parking lot. It focuses instead on the couple’s lives of extraordinary accomplishment,  separately and together, and on Giffords’ brave and remarkable recovery. ‘This skillfully structured memoir, co-written with Jeffrey Zaslow (who helped make Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture and Chesley Sullenberger’s Highest Duty bestsellers), looks at Giffords’ and Kelly’s lives before and after the shooting, providing a clear sense of what gave each of them the determination to survive their personal catastrophe….GABBY: A Story of Courage and Hope is gripping and inspirational. It’s also a real-life love story in the face of daunting odds.”    — The St. Petersburg Times

“This book is deeply personal and beautifully written, with the able assistance of Jeffrey Zaslow. It is also poignant, heartfelt and hopeful. Mark’s love for Gabby jumps off every page, but the very best part is page 299, which Gabby herself wrote.” — Book Reporter

“Gabby tells many stories, all of them well….This book transcends politics…This book will not be the final word on Giffords’ story either. But everyone who reads this deeply inspiring story will be rooting for her.” — Kirkus

“Gabby Giffords is breaking her silence—and redefining for the world what it means to be a fighter…A tale of love, of unthinkable trauma, of a heroic partnership and a long path to recovery”—People magazine

“A book about an amazing person, an amazing couple and their amazing story…This is a sad but ultimately heartwarming, uplifting tale.”— Shelf Awareness

About THE MAGIC ROOM by Jeffrey Zaslow:

“Jeffrey Zaslow has a remarkable ability to select a familiar topic—female friendship, for example, as in The Girls from Ames—and pursue that topic until he mines the diamonds, the stories, hidden beneath the surface. He displays this talent once again in The Magic Room…. the setting for this lovely, heartfelt work. ” — Publisher’s Weekly, Galley Talk column

“Forget bridezillas.  A best-selling journalist visits a small-town wedding shop to uncover the poignant dreams of real women on the verge of commitment.” — O magazine and

“Zaslow shadows half a dozen of the women who go to Becker’s Bridal, listening to their stories and writing a compelling and sincere chronology of the experiences, tragedies, and love that led them to the shop. His narrative is sprinkled with fascinating statistical information, as well as cultural analysis and insights into the lives of four generations of Becker women who have worked at the store.” — Library Journal

“An emotive excursion through the world of parents and daughters and the state of marriage. The author approaches his subjects via a small-town Michigan bridal shop, a canny choice in that he can take measure of the heartland while framing the bigger picture through sociological studies and then tightening down to his own fears and hopes as a father of three girls. ….. Zaslow writes in a tone of inclusive intimacy. His vignettes of the six women are wildly dissimilar, but they weave together into a complicated damascene that holds true to much age-old wisdom. Zaslow’s profile of the bridal shop, from the geopolitics of dressmaking to the effects of TV shows like Bridezillas, is almost as riveting as the bridal tales.” — Kirkus Review